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TIH 630 infrared heating panel

The new TIH 630 infrared heating panels from Trotec are now available at a special introductory price for a limited period only! Save money with ground-breaking technology and state-of-the-art materials designed to ensure ideal heat distribution throughout larger spaces and extensive areas.

Rear-panel insulation is but one of the numerous benefits in practice which guarantee maximum energy efficiency even for large-scale scenarios. The infrared heating panels are all stackable and thanks to an extra-steady three-point fixation and a mounting grip very safe and fast to use.

Convince yourself of 630 watts of real heating performance now and decide on whether you would like to buy either one TIH 630 heating panel at a special introductory price, or whether you would prefer to take advantage of our reduced rates for packages of three panels or five.

Go here to have a closer look at our TIH 630 infrared heating panel introductory offer

Buy a low-priced infrared heating panel now …

Click here for the TIH 630 infrared heating panels in packs of three …

Save even more money with the TIH 630 infrared heating panels in packs of five …

Please allow up to 2 to 3 weeks for delivery!

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2 Responses to Infrared heating panels at a special reduced rate

  1. John Barber says:

    Can you wall mount the Trotec TIH630
    Can you mount on the ceiling
    Do you supply any other size
    What wattage do you recomend per metre cube
    Please give best price for 15 panels inc. vat and del

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