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The IDS 30 F indirect oil fired heater was specially developed for mobile use as a tent heater. Thanks to its robust construction, many practice-oriented functions, flexible use, transport and storage, this heater is the optimal solution for emergency and rescue services and local support organisations. In addition, the sturdy and brilliantly simple construction of the unit guarantees high reliability with minimum maintenance.

The IDS 30 F indirect oil fired heater is equipped with the reliable functions of the IDS series while also being further developed specially for mobile use as a tent heater for emergency and rescue services and local support organisations. With a thermal output of 34.1 kW and a hot air capacity of 1,150 m³/h, the mobile oil heater brings comfortable warmth to the tent shortly after it is turned on.

The advantages for you at a glance – the IDS 30 F indirect oil fired heater

  • is supplied with fuel by either an optional external bulk tank or canister – the relevant accessory is available for both types of use. Because of its flexible use, an integrated tank was intentionally not installed in the IDS 30 F. Your employees can therefore handle the unit much easier due to weight-saving and they will also save time when loading, since the otherwise necessary step of emptying the tank is no longer required. And you save yourself the bureaucracy, since otherwise there would be additional required travel or insurance documents for transport and storage due to the lack of a tank.
  • is equipped at the factory for fully-automatic thermostat-controlled operation. For fully-automatic operation in the tent, you can connect an optional thermostat with a ten metre long cable. For optimal hot air distribution, the oil heater can also be equipped with a pre-mounted hose connection nozzle.
  • greatly emphasises safety as standard. The unit comes equipped with an electronic flame safeguard, a safety thermostat for protection against overheating and a fully-automatic after-cooling function. What’s more, the double-walled housing with protective coating provides effective sound insulation and increases the working safety as the surface temperature of the outer cover is minimised, which reduces risk of injury.
  • works well even under harsh environments thanks to its robust rack with impact protection. The unit can be handled flexibly thanks to the 4 carrying handles, and can be stacked in storage or during transport.

IDS 30 F tent heating unit – the optimal solution for emergency and rescue services and local support organisations.

Have questions on the various possible uses of our tent heating unit? We would be happy to give you complete details – just give us a call at +49 2452 962 400. You can order the IDS 30 F oil fired heater for just £1,201.39 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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