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What many don’t know: In winter, the relative humidity of a 20 °C room should not exceed 40-50 % in order to avoid the growth of harmful mould. In cases like this, the humidity can be lowered through consistent airing, providing one is aware of the danger in the first place. From now on, the new BZ15MLiving Climate Hygrometer will take care of it – it shows the optimal indoor climate values in an easy-to-read and understandable manner. Continue reading

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Hot! Hotter! Heat stress! Heat stroke? The summer has barely presented itself with a first heat wave, and already the effects on health are emerging. And it’s no wonder, after all the hot days are accompanied by high humidity, and the two together present an enormous strain on circulation. If the body cannot dissipate the heat, heat stress occurs – to the point of heat stroke. But there is an effective means to counter this … Continue reading

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How does moisture actually emerge in the components of a house – and in doing so pave the way for mould infestations? The so-called ‘dew point’ provides an answer to this question. This is the temperature at which the air releases its contained water as condensate. Therefore, the precise measurement of air temperature and humidity as well as the exact determination of the dew point temperature are at the heart of building diagnostics – as well as for the accompanying measuring devices: the professional thermohygrometers from Trotec. Continue reading

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Like when air-drying outside, the laundry is now hung on clotheslines in the house. Now the dehumidifier comes into play: As with some of Trotec’s comfort dehumidifiers, the device is either equipped with its own textile drying mode, or you preselect the relative humidity and the device dries the air and laundry in automatic mode. As an alternative, you can measure the attained humidity using a measuring device like the BZ05 room thermohygrometer from Trotec … Continue reading

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Time and time again, many of our customers ask “Why is high air humidity in the house actually a problem?” The answer is simple: because excessive air humidity rapidly increases the danger of highly-unhealthy mould growth in the living areas. Either thorough ventilation or professional dehumidification can help here – but it is more difficult to answer the question as to the causes for the excessive air humidity… Continue reading

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Customers and readers are asking us more and more questions on the topic of ‘ventilation’ in houses and flats. Many people rightly fear that too much moist air remains in their rooms due to incorrect ventilation – and the mould fungus thereby finds a place to settle. This can cause your health to suffer: Mould fungi form cancer-inducing toxins and can trigger allergies. So here are 11 tips for ventilating properly – for zero tolerance to mould! Continue reading

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It sounds paradoxical: in refrigerated warehouses temperatures must be kept low. But at the same time, you must try to prevent ice from forming. This is because fog and ice here can be dangerous. Icy floors cause highly dangerous slipping hazards. Icicles can form on ceilings which can fall down and hit staff. Fog reduces visibility. In addition, technical devices can freeze over and cooling systems become overloaded. But what causes this unwanted ice to form in the first place? Damp air, which penetrates the warehouse from outside, condensing and freezing on the cool surfaces. So target the damp air and prevent ice and fog from forming in your refrigerated warehouse – with a dessicant dehumidifier from the TTR range from Trotec! Continue reading

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The global climate summits still leave us waiting for progress. Unlike our climate measuring devices – which are 100% Trotec: from the in-house development and manufacture to the innovative design, which has recently made our BC06 and BC21 shine. With both devices you can carry out climate checks optimally, at home, in the office or in the warehouse – as preparation for your personal climate summit!
In terms of the design, Trotec opted for a visually attractive shape that is also comfortable to hold. Sitting comfortably in the hand, the design ensures the best-possible operator comfort in both devices. Equipped with unmistakable features from Trotec, with each measurement they don’t just cut a fine figure technically. Simply the best German industry design, optimised for practical use – and on top of that, a trademarked registered design! Continue reading

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Is there really an ideal feel good climate for humans and animals, plants and furniture as well as devices? Or is there any latent risk of rust or mould? If you want to play safe, grab the BC20 Thermohygrometer – the climate measurement instrument with professional ambition: now offered particularly favourable!

With the Thermohygrometer BC20 you can control the humidity and temperature ratio at anytime – and determine the ideal climate conditions in living, work and storage rooms. Continue reading

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When it comes to saving energy and heating costs, people can become really creative. Some of them only heat those rooms which they use most. Others get one of those fancy dog draught excluders, or they close all shutters to improve the insulation of their windows. And because for every degree you turn down your heating you save a good 6 % off your next energy bill, they wear a second sweater or a third pair of socks. That is certainly one way of dealing with the problem…But what most people tend to forget: The apparent air temperature strongly depends on the humidity levels in the room you are in! Continue reading

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