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Having mildew as an uninvited tenant is something that all house and flat owners would like to avoid. However, according to studies, around 17 per cent of Germans, around one in six, live in a home that is affected by mildew. Many people affected by this have no idea that the sneaky menace is present in their homes because it often forms without making itself known. This means all too often that the search for mildew only begins once health problems have already arisen. Continue reading

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The truth is out! In a comparison of five leading moisture meters, Trotec’s BM31 was the clear winner. Such was the result of a study carried out by “”, the independent consumer portal run by the VGL publishing company. “We were particularly impressed by how easy and intuitive the device is to use.” This was the praise with which the portal summarised its rating. Continue reading

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Today we want to address the topic of “Repainting the house exterior”, and at the same time give the rendering a good beating. While painting your own four (interior) walls is not a problem for most people, painting an exterior wall is a considerably more demanding task. We’ll explain how it’s done, what preparation is necessary and how long the rendering needs to dry before you even think of painting. Continue reading

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Almost as soon as we brought it to market, the new humidity indicator was sold out. That’s how convincing its advantages are for determining the moisture content of building materials and timber. This and with the device’s new design provided good reasons for it to be sold out so fast – but as of right now, the BM 31 is available once again! Continue reading

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Only wood that is sufficiently dry should really be used as a building material or as firewood. With moisture levels over 20% in woods used for construction there is a risk of significant crack formation, and for firewood, there is risk of damage to health as well as to fireplaces. The solution: check the moisture content quickly and easily with our new BM12 and BM21 moisture meters – and not only for wood. Continue reading

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With the BM31’s new, ergonomic design, it is now even easier to quickly locate near-surface moisture. From the very beginning, one of the aims of the new design was to make it both visually appealing and pleasant to the touch, so this measuring device sits well in the hand and is extremely convenient to use. The impressive result is 100 % Trotec – from development, through design to manufacture! Continue reading

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When the cellar is completely under water it is clear that it has to be dried. But what about the floors above? Can the moisture rise via the capillaries? Is the floor construction soaked? Particularly important is the question when the dehumidification will be over and when you don’t have to expect any consequential damages. Another important fact for you to know is to what extent you can make the dehumidification on your own and when it is necessary to ask an expert. Continue reading

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There’s nothing that evokes a feeling of cosiness and comfort more on a cold November’s day, when your breath hangs suspended on the bracingly crisp air, than a roaring, raging, crackling fire. Fires are magic. They are breathtakingly beautiful to behold. They can cast a spell on those who gaze, mesmerised, into the dancing, flickering flames as they devour the ashen charcoal logs that lie crumbling in the hearth or lick at the smoky glass window of the cast iron stove door. Man has always been drawn to fire. It satisfies a primeval desire. It fends off wild animals, it is a source of energy that provides both comfort and warmth and it plays a key role in manufacturing processes and in preparing food. And you don’t have to be the proud owner of an Inglenook fireplace to feel and appreciate just how special a fire is. It is important to know, however, that you won’t get a decent fire going and you won’t get to enjoy your glass of mulled wine while relaxing in front of your open range fireplace or unwinding in front of your stylish wood-burning stove if the wood you have chopped and stacked or bought from a local company is not as dry as you either think it is or is alleged to be! Continue reading

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Mould thrives on high levels of moisture. It’s as simple as that. So if you are having a problem with excess moisture in your home or house, then you really must take steps to locate the cause or source and tackle the problem head on.
Moisture meters from Trotec are designed to provide you with an accurate and reliable means for measuring moisture in walls, floors and ceilings so that you can determine just where a leak is. Don’t make the mistake of hoping that your problem will go away. Trust the experts.
Continue reading

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The relative humidity in bathrooms can also reach very high levels. Mould thrives on high levels of moisture and as we pointed out in our blog last week: Mould can be a killer. Continue reading

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