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Although we all know how good unused and fresh air is for us, we make the same mistakes again and again: We sit behind closed doors, in stuffy, overheated air, or moist cold draughts, bravely ignoring any food odours as well as the other mould stain, and then wonder about our headaches. Therefore, our new Adviser-Series is all about clean air at home and at the office – because bad air makes you ill! Continue reading

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Whatever happened to the days, when you had to waste your time under tables or in the most difficult corners with a yardstick and a ruler? They are over! Well and truly over! This is what all those people, who remember having sore knees and fumbling around with a ruler in their left hand and a pen and paper in their right hand, will say now – thanks to the ultimate BD25 Laser Distance Meter and its ability to measure with laser-precision in just a matter of seconds. Continue reading

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With the carbon monoxide measuring device BG20 one can quickly determine the exact CO concentration in the ambient air. In this way one can ensure if the valid limit values can be kept. Ready for use within only a few seconds it reliably records CO values between 0 and 1,000 ppm. Continue reading

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As of now we have a global innovation in our shop. The Leica Disto D810 touch is the worldwide first laser distance meter with a touchscreen. Quickly and intuitively you can choose the different function symbols like you do on a smartphone. With the integrated camera you can take pictures and even determine distances in these pictures. The integrated USB port allows you to transfer your pictures and the measurement data to the PC quickly and easily. Continue reading

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Although the T3000 multifunction measuring meter is only a few months old we could realize the first firmware improvement with the help of the users. One of them is the presentation of the key for the matrix view that now is, because of the concern of many customers, reflected to the horizontal axis. This presentation principle is much more plausible to the user because you intuitively interpret the colour gradient ascending from “dry” to “wet” and from bottom to top. The so far reversed representation sometimes led to confusions. Continue reading

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World first on the World Day of Design 2013
It is not just beautiful but functional as well – our new top models. Finally, they don’t have to convince anybody on the catwalk but, above all, shine through their performance and that is what was important to us during the development. Nevertheless, the new machines are optical highlights provide a better handling for transport and storage and an easier and more intuitive operation.
We want to introduce our new models on the World Day of Design 2013.
Lights off! Spot on! Continue reading

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Now that spring is finally approaching we surely want you to feel the warmth and the climate. But to convince yourself that the season really has arrived we have a very special offer for you in our online shop.
With our lowest price offers you now can measure spring. Temperature, sun, wind or noises; our measurement equipment from the MultiMeasure Basic series shows exactly what you need for a beautiful spring day. So raise your well-being with our lowest price offers! Continue reading

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There are three new “members” in the Trotec data logger family to give industrial, craft and construction users a wide range of applications for tamper-proof measuring.
The devices from the MultiMeasure Professional series convince due to the new and user friendly software for configuring and managing measured data. And the big display allows you to read the measuring results even from a few metres distance. Continue reading

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And we’re off! Yes, the countdown has started! During the course of the following four weeks you can save as much as 1% on each of the eight measuring devices depicted above for every day from the day you place your order until the cut-off day on August 13, 2011. That’s right! 1% for every day! This adds up to a total massive saving of almost 30% on each item! And here’s how it works: all you have to do is order any one – or all! – of the eight models in the Trotec MultiMeasure Basic series in our online shop and you will be entitled to our Early Bird Discount which knocks a full 1% off the normal price of each individual measuring device for each day between the day you order the device of your dreams and August 13. After all – it’s the early bird that catches the worm! Continue reading

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Hesitantly the first sunbeams warm us up and as the days grow longer you can really feel that spring is in the air… This is the time when bikers start becoming restless and yearn to climb onto their motorcycles to feel the freedom of the road in good ol’ Easy Rider style. But after a long and frosty winter you need to check your bike thoroughly before you can finally hit the road. Continue reading

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