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It is very important to make a fast dehumidification because the longer it takes the higher is the possibility that consequential damages appear. How long a dehumidification takes depends on the choice of the drying unit. Another important point is the place where the dehumidifier is set up. Continue reading

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Imagine you’re standing at an upstairs window looking down into your garden, your street or, if you allow your gaze to wander a little further, that part of the neighbourhood you like to call home. Just dwell on the image briefly so as give it enough time to sink in. Now imagine you’re looking out of that same window and the first thing you see is water. Nothing but water. Oh, there are still the street lamps and staunch iron lamp posts standing smartly like soldiers in straight rows along what until just a few moments ago you would have said was your street, and there’s the odd semi-submerged tree and the random traffic sign sticking out almost comically from the floods, but everything – yes, everything – else that you love and have grown used to, everything that is under the height of say your front room ceiling, has gone, simply disappeared under a deep, sweeping mass of sometimes muddy, sometimes swirling, all-engulfing water. Continue reading

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Looking out of the window you wouldn’t believe it was summer. Big, billowy storm clouds the size of battleships hanging ominously overhead, a grey band of rain bringing even more gloom and despondency stretching out on the horizon. You can tune in to whichever radio station or channel you like or go to any website. The weather forecast is always the same: abysmal. Some areas are once again predicted to get a month’s rainfall in only one day. And the next low pressure system is not far behind. Continue reading

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From the diaries of a member of the Trotec media team: How a building dryer and a fan saved my bacon and the day. We all make mistakes. After all to err is human. And if my story helps prevent anyone else from making the same mistake as I did, then some good may come of what nearly turned out to be my own little Waterloo. We’ve got a wonderful garden. It’s a great place which we like to retire to at the end of a demanding day or the end of a long and gruelling week. But there was something missing, something that would give this idyllic spot the final, special, finishing touch, something that would perhaps put our garden a cut above the rest – a swimming pool. Continue reading

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The images and video footage that we have come to see of Queensland, where parts of the northeast Australian state, equal in size to both France and Germany put together, are submerged under water are harrowing and distressing. We are fortunate in knowing that we won’t be as hard hit when melting snow and persistent rain in our part of the world causes rivers to swell and breach their banks and dykes to burst. But if they do you should be prepared and know who you can turn to in your hour of need when the water has finally receded . Continue reading

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The effects of climate change that we experienced in 2010 are cause for grave concern – the images ingrained in our memories of ravaged regions and lost souls still leave us shocked, shaken and helpless. But what can we do? Continue reading

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And because the damage resulting from the masses of water could be significantly reduced and restored by using the right drying equipment. Building dryers from Trotec are just one of many effective means designed to dry out homes and buildings after water damage. Continue reading

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It is still popular belief among many home builders that summertime is the best time of the year to carry out their building projects because it is warmer – and because it is warmer walls and screed will therefore dry more quickly. Wrong. Continue reading

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Have a closer look at the brand-new TTK 170 S dehumidifier and get an overview of the benefits now. Get all information you need and discover related products. Simply click here to go the article. Continue reading

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If you are looking for a powerful and reliable building dryer you should have a look at the TTK 200 packages: there are used appliances which are as good as new coming with beneficial accessories like condensate pumps or connectable hygrostates. Click here for more detailed info. Continue reading

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