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Taking care of your wellbeing.

Heating and ventilating incorrectly impairs the indoor climate and leads to heating bills mounting up. And that is by no means everything: When air and surface moisture is too high and room temperatures are too low, the risk of mould formation increases. Therefore, tips for correctly heating and ventilating your home have been compiled in the last part of our series – including our recommendations for professional comfort dehumidifiers in the TTK series from Trotec. Continue reading

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It’s a hard nut to crack – sometimes even for recognised experts and restoration companies – when it comes to investigating the source of mould. Although it is a basic requirement that there has to be a proportional level of damp for every mould outbreak, it is nevertheless anything but a simple task to localise the sources of spreading damp. Learn what you need to be aware of in our four-part advisory series… Continue reading

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When the fireplace or stove is lit, anyone who doesn’t ensure the right humidity in their home will feel the consequences. Our mucous membranes are quickly dried out by the dry room air. Our eyes and noses become unpleasantly itchy. Some people suddenly start to suffer from skin irritations and rashes… Continue reading

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Do you love the sound of trickling water in your living room or office? Does the soft gurgling sound calm you and help you reduce stress? Brilliant! Then an indoor fountain is highly recommended for you. In order to ensure that your source of relaxation always remains functional and clean, you shouldn’t just use conventional mains water for the fountain. That’s because it contains lime. However, if you put a SecoSan-stick from Trotec into your indoor fountain, you will no longer have any problems with annoying limescale build-up or algae formation. Continue reading

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It is especially important for those who are pregnant to drink plenty of water. This is because you and your unborn baby need to be optimally supplied with fluid. However, during pregnancy, carrying heavy crates of bottled water is a taboo activity. Especially if you need to go up stairs to get to the room where you store the water, you should find another way to build up a reserve water supply at home. With a SecoSan stick from Trotec you turn tap water into a drink that is always fresh and healthy and which you can sip away at as often as you like. And this is done completely effortlessly. Continue reading

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Especially in the cold season, we come into contact with a lot of germs that can cause colds. More than anywhere else, the risk of infection is particularly high in places where lots of people gather. Door knobs, banknotes and other objects that are touched by a large number of people are common gathering places for pathogens. It is impossible to protect yourself completely from infections. Nonetheless, you can reduce your chances of catching a cold. And, if you do have a cold coming on, the progression of the sickness can be softened. How? With healthy nutrition and, more than anything else, by drinking lots of water! Water stored using a Trotec SecoSan stick is just the right remedy. Continue reading

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Mums have hardly stopped weaning their babies when the question arises as to whether tap water is really appropriate for the baby’s thirst, for milk bottles and their first food. The answer is definitely Yes! But before you spend time boiling the water to be sure that all the germs are dead, you can also just turn to a Trotec SecoSan stick. Because this reliably combats germs and bacteria in the water. Continue reading

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When you finish work in the summer, want to relax on the couch, or to get a party started: a cocktail, whether alcoholic or not, always brightens your mood. However, the enjoyment won’t last very long if the ingredients are of a lower quality. This also applies to the water used to make ice cubes and crushed ice. If stale water is frozen, a stale or even musty aroma will be revealed when it melts in the cocktail glass. With a SecoSan-Stick from Trotec you won’t need to worry about this. Continue reading

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Drinking water keeps you slim and beautiful, and it’s healthy. This attitude has become firmly established. Whereas a few years ago brightly packaged sodas and caffeinated drinks dominated the market, now health-conscious people swear by pure water. Surveys show that mineral water consumption per capita in Germany has nearly doubled. Are you also ahead with this trend, preferring your refreshment to be clear, calorie-free and healthy? Then you should get yourself a SecoSan stick from Trotec, which allows you to turn your tap water into top-quality drinking water. Fresh, natural, SecoSan! Continue reading

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You love exercising on two wheels? Whether its relaxing cycling trips in the forest or sporty racing or mountain bike tours – your ever-ready companion should always be a healthy supply of water. That’s because it gives you the energy you need to keep going and to be able to enjoy the trip thoroughly and fully. You can get healthy drinking water from the tap at home. You enrich this by keeping it with a SecoSan stick from Trotec and filling up your sports flask whenever you need it. Easy, fast and extraordinarily fresh and healthy. Just the right thing for your body – especially when temperatures are high! Continue reading

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