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Carnival means party time and not only in Germany, the revellers parade through the streets and spread fun and cheerfulness. Like us, our Dutch neighbours also like to party and put themselves into fancy dresses.
But where many people and a great atmosphere are there can also always be scrimmages and accidents. Because of that, the Dutch Red Cross (Eerste Hulp Bij Ongelukken or short EHBO) has prepared for serious cases with tents from Trotec. Continue reading

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There are three new “members” in the Trotec data logger family to give industrial, craft and construction users a wide range of applications for tamper-proof measuring.
The devices from the MultiMeasure Professional series convince due to the new and user friendly software for configuring and managing measured data. And the big display allows you to read the measuring results even from a few metres distance. Continue reading

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Work tents come in all shapes and sizes. That’s because they are designed to cater for a wide range of different demands and a variety of different needs. Not only are work tents used to shelter and protect workmen – and women – technicians, electricians, welders, plumbers and people from countless other professions from relentless rain, sleet showers, snow squalls, the scorching sun and anything else that nature can throw at them while they are carrying out inspections or maintenance work on switch and control cabinets or toiling in holes and trenches, they are also hugely popular on film sets and in television as well as in many sectors of industry too. Continue reading

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If you are a homeowner – regardless whether you are the owner-occupier or the landlord – one of the worst things that can happen to you apart from being hit by floods and high water, the fate that faced whole regions up and down the country after the recent truly terrifying torrential downpours during which up to a month’s worth of rain fell in the short space of only 24 hours – is to be hit by water damage. The reasons for water damage can be manifold: a burst or leaking water pipe or connection, a broken dishwasher or washing machine, blocked plumbing, a defect or leaking roof or shoddy workmanship and poor materials. Continue reading

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Daylight saving time is over again and the clocks have been turned back that precious hour. Which means two things: Only 41 days to go to Christmas! (Surely there’s no harm in being reminded, is there? After all you can’t have forgotten last year’s madcap, last-minute Christmas shopping spree!) And that now the days are growing shorter it won’t be long before temperatures drop sharply and the cold sets in. During the autumn and winter months the difference between the outside temperature and the temperature inside homes, houses and buildings up and down the country is far greater than at any other time of the year. Which is why this is the ideal time of the year for taking thermographic images! Continue reading

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Climate conditioning plays a key role in the food industry. The relative humidity and the indoor climate are of paramount importance because they are among the decisive factors which determine the standard of hygiene, the degree of safety and the level of cost effectiveness throughout the entire manufacturing process. But what options do you have if the demands with regard to climate conditioning change because of new quality directives, innovative production techniques or technology or modified production processes? Continue reading

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Modern-day, multi-purpose, quick-up work tents have little in common with the flimsy, makeshift canopies which were put up as a poor excuse for a shelter when it looked as if bad weather could jeopardise an entire project or prevent certain work stages from being carried out. The cutting-edge technology incorporated in the easy-to-use work tents from Trotec make them ideal for outdoor work – and for indoor work too! Find out more about the hidden qualities of our wide range of rugged and durable models here>>> Continue reading

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Work tents come in all shapes and sizes – and all standards of different quality too. The pop-up work tents from Trotec are made of specially treated high-quality canvas material which is designed to stand up to the kind of weather which would normally make you wish that you had an indoor job. The work tents provide excellent protection against heavy rain, snow, sleet and showers that could otherwise prevent you from being able to carry out your work efficinetly and getting the job done. Continue reading

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The wet, cold weather which invariably impacts the part of the world we live in, makes drying out buildings during the winter months difficult enough as it is. The problem becomes even more difficult to deal with when plastering or screed laying is carried out, for this kind of work produces even more moisture. But failing to counter humidity right now would be saving in the wrong place… Continue reading

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If only everything had gone according to plan – the local tradesmen you contracted would be putting the finishing touches to your new house, the removal men would be on their way round to pack your belongings and whisk them away to your new address and you and your family would be spending your first Christmas gathered together around the beautifully decorated Christmas tree in your very first new family home. If only… Continue reading

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